Communication with residents of the Parish is extremely important. The Parish Council produces a newsletter either half yearly or three times a year, which is delivered to each house within the Catshill and North Marlbrook boundary. This is an effective way of informing Parishioners of what the Council has been focusing on in recent months, canvassing for support in particular projects, discovering the views of residents and generally providing useful information.

Please see the links below for a copy of each of the newsletters that has been published by the Parish Council. If you wish to advertise your local business in the next Parish newsletter, please contact the Clerk.

Newsletters for 2018

Newsletters for 2017

Newsletters for 2016

Newsletters for 2015

Newsletters for 2014

Newsletters for 2013

Newsletters for 2012

Newsletters for 2011

Newsletters for 2010

Newsletters for 2009