Full Parish Council Meetings

All Parish Council meetings are open to the public and we are always pleased to see Parishioners attending. There is a section within each meeting or Committee known as ‘Open Forum’ that allows Parishioner comments and we welcome any ideas or views you may have during this time.

Catshill and North Marlbrook Parish Council meet every last Thursday of the month for their Full Parish Council Meeting, excluding the months of August and December. These include the Chairman’s report for the month, feedback from Committees, meetings or events that have taken place, Financial reports and decisions and the discussion of any relevant additional items for that month.

Past Agendas and Minutes can be viewed here.

Standing Orders govern the way all meetings and business are conducted and are available to view here.


The Parish Council also have Committees that meet at various points throughout the year, a schedule of which can be seen on the ‘Calendar of Meetings’ on the home page. These Committees assist with the smooth running of the Parish Council and are governed by their Terms of Reference and a link to each can be found below.

Working Parties

The Parish Council may form Working Parties which carry out specific tasks as defined by the Full Parish Council. An example of this is the Internal Audit Working Party which can be seen below.

Finance and Staffing Committee

The Finance and Staffing Committee is responsible for the preparation of the budget for approval by the Full Parish Council, preparation of the Annual Return for Audit, review of Financial Regulations and procedures, risk assessments, review of the Asset register, monitor of payment and receipts and the review and update of policies according to a review timetable and monitors the Council’s responsibilities in line with current legislation and guidance. In addition, the Committee are also responsible for Human Resources, Employee Appraisal and performance and any Personnel Matters.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee meet on a monthly basis, subject to applications being received for comment. They are responsible for the monitoring of development in the Parish, providing comment on Planning Applications submitted to Bromsgrove District Council in line with policies and procedures, reviewing decisions made by Bromsgrove District Council, responding to consultation documents relevant to Planning, liaising with Bromsgrove District Council regarding any planning concerns within the Parish and being generally pro-active in any matters in relation to Planning and Development control.

Environment and Highways Committee 

The Environment and Highways Committee considers all matters of concern, initiatives for improvement and consultation documents relating to Environmental and Highway issues in the Parish.

It manages the contract for maintenance of the Parish owned gardens, is responsible for the management of the litter picker and Lengthsman, identifies sites for planting, monitors street cleansing and waste bins, and assists the Footpaths Officer in maintaining and clearing rights of way. It welcomes any input from residents towards future improvements to the local environment.

It also monitors the progress of matters referred to WCC Highways department, identifies outstanding maintenance to roads and pavements, monitors the state of grass verges within the Parish, considers ways to improve the highway network including traffic calming, considers improvements for the safety of pedestrians and other road users and reviews consultation documents or other correspondence relating to highway matters.

Communications Committee 

This Committee is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the Parish Council Website, the design, content and distribution of the Parish Newsletter and any matters pertaining to IT and Communication.

Grievance and Complaints Committee

This Committee meets upon notification of the receipt of a Grievance or Complaint and comprises 5 Members of the Full Parish Council.

Internal Audit Working Party 

This working party consists of two Members of the Finance and Staffing Committee who are not cheque signatories and meets once a quarter to review and monitor the actual receipts and income of the Parish Council as prepared by the Responsible Finance Officer, ensuring a clear audit trail.

Events Working Party

The Events Committee will become an Events Steering Group and is yet to be formally set up. This Steering Group will assist with organising, attending or assisting events within the village that are run, or supported by, the Parish Council. These will include, but are not limited to, the Bonfire Event, Remembrance Day Service, Summer Garden Competitions and Christmas events.

Please click on this link to view the Terms of Reference of the above committees.