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Annual Review of the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) 2022

The NP was commissioned by Catshill and North Marlbrook Parish Council (PC) in 2016 and was approved in a referendum held in November 2021.  Over 800 residents voted in  the NP in this referendum with 723 in favour.  As a result, the twenty planning policies in the NP became part of the statutory planning framework and were adopted by Bromsgrove District Council (BDC) meaning that new planning applications, submitted in the Parish, were to be considered against these policies (together with all other policies of the development plan regime).

Paragraph 11 of the NP states that;

“Catshill and North Marlbrook Parish Council will ensure there is compliance with the NP and that it is regularly reviewed. In order that the NP is actively managed the Parish Catshill and North Marlbrook Parish Council will ensure there is compliance with the NP and that it is regularly reviewed.

The Council will carry out an annual review which, on completion, will be placed on the Parish  Council’s website and made available as a hard copy version at the Parish Council Office, by prior arrangement, and the local library.”

This report is the first review of the NP covering the period 2022 and can be viewed here


Local Government Act 1972 (Section 87(2)
Local Elections (Parishes & Communities) (England & Wales) Rules 2006 (Rule 5(2))


Catshill & North Marlbrook Parish Council is only a small council, so it does not have a large income and it is not responsible for major services such as education, highways or social services. However, we contribute towards the local area and it is quite easy for residents to get involved and play their part. Much work is done to improve the environment with planting such as Spring bulbs and displays such as the Ivy garden. Traffic and speeding is also an issue that is regularly looked with speed displays recently installed. Local events are organised that include the annual firework display, Remembrance Sunday and Christmas Lights as well as contributing towards the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The Council’s most significant role though is now planning since the Neighbourhood Plan was approved in a referendum last year. The Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document that will protect the area against unwanted building and developments, defend the Green Belt and improve the environment. However to do all this work requires councillors to be involved and contribute towards successful policies and their implementation.

The Parish Council now has 7 vacancies out of the possible 13 councillors and we would like to fill these positions with local residents who are proud of the community where they live, would like to contribute to improving life for everybody in the local area and have a keen interest in the various functions of the Council particularly planning, the environment, highways, finance and organising events in the Parish. Next year, the whole council will be up for re-election so now would be an ideal opportunity for anybody joining us to find out what it is like being a councillor for just under a year. Anybody aged 18 or above is eligible to be co-opted.

Unlike the District and Council councils, the Parish Council is non-party political with councillors of various shades of opinion successfully working together. Also councillors do not get paid (apart from out of pocket expenses); all work is voluntary though importantly, the commitment is only for a few hours each month.
Anybody interested in being co-opted to the Council can find out more information or even submit an application to the clerk, Carol Blake by emailing parishclerk@catshillandnorthmarkbrook-pc.gov.uk

Cllr Phil Baker

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Catshill in Bloom

Thank you Chadsgrove Students for planting today. Catshill looks blooming lovely xx Click on the link below for gallery of photos: https://www.catshillandnorthmarlbrook-pc.gov.uk/elementor-3869/

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