Finances – The Parish Council’s responsibilities

Year runs from 1st April to 31st March each year. The Parish Council uses a budget system to establish each year the amount of Precept needed to be collected by Bromsgrove District Council in order to allow the smooth running of the Parish Council, and enable a proactive approach to serving the Community of Catshill and Marlbrook.

The current budget document can be viewed at Agreed Budget for website 24-25

On a monthly basis, the expenditure is reported and made public, including actual to expected.

This can be viewed as an appendix to each of the Full Parish Council Meetings and can be found via this web page.

To ensure residents can be confident that the Financial Regulations and Procedures required of the Parish Council are being adhered to, a rigorous audit regime is in place. This includes quarterly internal audit by the Parish Council, an Independent Internal Audit and an External Audit review of all account information and systems.

Please see the Audit and Accounts web page for more information. 

To view more information about the Audit and Accounts, please see the relevant tab.

In addition to the Audit Regime, the Parish Council ensures that Financial Risk is managed via the implementation of Policies and Procedures, adhering to rules around expenditure.

Please see the Policies and Procedures web page for more information.