The Parish Council – serving the community of Catshill and North Marlbrook – currently provides the following:

Notice Boards
Located outside Tesco Express in Marlbrook, the Village Hall on Golden Cross Lane and at the Ivy Cottage Gardens on Golden Cross Lane, with a view to further provision at the bottom of the Parish outside the Social Club on Meadow Road. These notice boards are a form of communication with the Parish including Agendas of any upcoming Committees and meetings to be held by the Parish Council.

Bus Shelters
The Parish Council have replaced and are responsible for 4 bus shelters in the Parish. These are located outside the Crown Pub on the Stourbridge Road, outside Catshill Middle School on Gibb Lane, just off the island at the junction between Gibb Lane and Meadow Road and outside the Miu Miu Restaurant on the A38 Birmingham Road.

Environmental Services
These include

  • Litter Picker – to assist the BDC litter pickers around the Parish
  • Lengthsman – assists with the maintenance of drains, culverts and any overhanging plants on the pavements,
  • Gardener – maintenance of 5 gardens within the Parish located at Ivy Cottage Gardens on Golden Cross Lane, Barley Mow Gardens at the top of Barley Mow Lane on the A38, Jubilee Gardens at the cross roads of Braces Lane/ Golden Cross Lane/ A38, the War Memorial garden on Stourbridge Road and the WW1 Commemoration Garden outside the Baptist Church
  • Maintenance of the War Memorial, as gifted to the residents of the village
  • Bulb planting

Bench Seat
Located at Ivy Cottage Gardens and painted deep green.

Parish Footpaths Warden
A member of the Parish Council who regularly inspects the footpaths in the Parish, working in conjunction with the County Council and organises community walks at different points in the year.


This is of vital importance and occurs through the website, Facebook Page, notice boards and three editions of the Parish Council Newsletter.


Community Events
These are arranged to build on the feeling of community within the Parish and include;

  • Bonfire Event in conjunction with the Scouts,
  • Remembrance Day Parade in conjunction with the Royal British Legion, Scouts and local schools and churches
  • Christmas Meal for the Elderly
  • Summer Gardens Competition

Grants for funding can be requested from the Parish Council using the form that can be found under Grants Page of this website, along with a list of grants given in the previous year. A policy sets out the requirements and criteria for consideration of the provision of a grant.

Parish Council Office
Located at Catshill Village Hall, Golden Cross Lane the Parish Council office is open on a Monday and Tuesday between 9:45 and 11:15am and manned by the Clerk or Assistant Clerk during these times.