Planning is a diverse and emotive subject. Catshill and North Marlbrook Parish Council has a Committee that is dedicated to reviewing and commenting on any Planning related matters that are brought to the Council. This can include contributing to consultations on Planning Policies, addressing concerns about developments that affect the Parish and commenting on Planning Applications.

Planning Applications are sent to the Parish Council by Bromsgrove District Council. The Planning Committee then views all the documentation provided and cross references this with relevant policies before submitting a response via the portal. This response is then considered alongside all those from Members of the public before a final decision is made.

If you are considering making a Planning Application, a wealth of information can be found at the following link: .

The Planning portal is available to anyone who wishes to use it and can be found at the following link, which includes a handy guide on how to use and navigate the portal:

 All Committees of the Parish Council are open to the public. If you have any views or concerns you wish to share, then please see our Parish Notice Boards or the ‘Meetings and Committees’ page of this website for more information as to when the next meeting will be taking place. Alternatively, please contact the Clerk or Assistant Clerk.