What do the Parish Council intend to Action in the coming year?

Catshill and North Marlbrook Parish Council publish a yearly Action Plan linked to the budget set for the Financial Year. This includes Project or Capital expenditure in relation to issues being considered within Committees and from views of Parishioners raised at the Annual Parish Meeting and through communication such as the Parish Newsletter.

The Parish Council will continually review the Action Plan adding issues that rise throughout the year. It will be formally reviewed on a 6 monthly basis with an update of progress, addition of further actions identified and signing off of any completed actions.

If there are any issues or ideas you think the Parish Council should be aware of, please contact the Clerk via: parishclerk@catshillandnorthmarlbrook-pc.gov.uk . Your thoughts will be taken to the relevant Committee for consideration.

To view the current Action Plan, Please click here.