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“The world is now coming to terms with the impact of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Pandemic. Sadly it will be with us for many months, until scientists can discover a vaccine.


In this country alone, many thousands of people have been infected with the virus and sadly many have died. 


Our country is effectively in lock-down in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus. Millions of people have lost their jobs, schools have been closed and many of the more vulnerable members of our community are self-isolating themselves for the foreseeable future.


These are very dark times for us all. But this is also a time for us all to come together and to help each other through this crisis. 


It has been very heartening to see the recent formation of the Bromsgrove Community Support Group Facebook page, and more recently the Catshill Community Support Group.



These groups have been created by local members of the community to provide mutual support to vulnerable members of the community during these difficult times. They offer to check-in on people who are self-isolating, vulnerable family, friends and neighbours, helping them with their shopping and checking that they have everything they need. 


This is a time for us all to get more acquainted with our neighbours, especially those neighbours who have self-isolated and who will need someone to assist them with shopping etc or simply a need to have someone to talk to. 


If you are someone who needs help, your obvious first option should be to reach out to your trusted neighbours for support. If that option is not available to you then I would encourage you to make contact with the Catshill Community Support Group.


If you are able to act as a volunteer then I would encourage you to sign up to the Catshill Community Support Group.


The Parish Council has recently been in contact with Catshill Food Bank. Demand for their services has increased during this difficult time but conversely food donations have reduced due to a combination of people hoarding food at home and of course many people having lost their jobs. 

The Parish Council will be providing funding to the food bank to assist them with the fantastic work that they are undertaking for our local community. I would urge you to support the food bank, either through making food or financial donations to them or offering them your services as a volunteer:



Let’s all work together to see us through this crisis.”

 Councillor Bernard McEldowney (Chair)

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