Please help promote the Catshill Survey and encourage anyone living and/or working in Catshill to give their views. Following on from my previous email update, after the survey went live online last week, I can confirm that the attached postcard has been sent out to 2772 addresses in Catshill, predominately residential, asking people to engage. A press release went out last week and has been promoted on BDCs Facebook page too.

The press release can be viewed here:–-have-your-say.aspx

As a reminder, the links to the surveys are below and I’ve also attached an image that can be used for social media purposes:

Main Survey:

Young People Survey:

The closing date is 14 December but, as previously explained, there will be an interim update at the next Board meeting on 26 November. In the meantime, may I ask all partners to assist by helping to promote this survey though your own communication channels. We need to encourage anyone living and/or working in Catshill to have their say so we can ensure this is community led.

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