The latest Office for National Statistics data to June 26 shows there were no CoViD-related deaths in four Worcestershire districts

Worcestershire has recorded its lowest coronavirus death toll since before lockdown began according to the latest Office for National Statistics weekly figures. And there were no CoViD deaths registered in four of Worcestershire’s six districts the latest weekly data from the statistics authority reveals.

The ONS’s weekly death statistics, released on Tuesday July 7, confirm Malvern Hills, Worcester, Wychavon and Wyre Forest had no deaths in the week from June 20 to June 26 (and registered to July 4) – the latest data available. There were three CoViD-linked deaths registered in the county that week.

While Redditch had two registered CoViD-19 deaths and Bromsgrove had one – all were deaths in hospital. Overall there were 80 registered deaths in Worcestershire in Week 26.

ONS data includes deaths with ‘any mention of COVID-19 on the death certificate’ not just those where a positive CoViD-19 test was recorded. However, the three deaths to June 26, week 26 in the calendar tallied with three deaths recorded at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust over the same period.

Of note the three Worcestershire coronavirus deaths recorded in the Week 26 ONS figures were the lowest total CoViD weekly deaths total since Week 12 – ending March 20 when none were recorded, just prior to the nationwide lockdown being introduced.

From that point deaths rose first with four deaths in Week 13 to March 27, but then sharply rising with 37 in Week 14, 69 in Week 15, 74 in Week 16, with registered CoViD-19 deaths hitting a peak in the county of 98 on Week 27 – the week to April 24.

Since then there has been a steady decline to the halfway point of the year.

While three deaths were recorded in Worcestershire hospitals in the week to June 26, since then two more deaths have been recorded In nine days to July 5.

While there have been no CoViD deaths at the Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust hospitals since June 1.

In total there have been 303 deaths recorded at Worcestershire’s two hospital trusts – 303 at the acute hospitals and 28 at the community hospitals.

The ONS data also reveals death ‘occurrences’ in Week 26. These are deaths which have happened but may not yet have been registered.

There was one CoViD death recorded in five of Worcestershire’s six districts at Bromsgrove, Malvern Hills, Redditch, Wychavon and Wyre Forest – all occurring in hospitals. Worcester had no CoViD deaths in the week to June 26. While the figures reveal there were 96 deaths occurring across the county in that week.

There have now been 518 CoViD-19 related deaths registered in Worcestershire in the first 26 weeks of the year.

Bromsgrove has had the highest number – 133 – 74 in hospital, 54 in care homes, four ‘elsewhere’ and one in ‘other communal’ setting.

Wyre Forest has had 113 deaths where CoViD is mentioned on the death certificate, with 63 in hospitals, 39 in care homes, nine at homes and two in ‘other communal’ venues.

Wychavon has had 106 CoViD deaths, with 48 in care homes, 47 in hospital, four at homes and in ‘other communal’ settings, two in a hospice and one ‘elsewhere’.

Worcester has had 61 CoViD deaths – 27 in care homes, 27 in hospitals, four at homes, two in an ‘other communal setting’ and one in a hospice.

Redditch has 59 deaths related to CoViD – with the majority in hospital at 48, eight in care homes, two at home and one in an other communal setting.

While Malvern Hills has had 46 CoViD-19 related deaths with 23 in hospitals, 20 in care homes, two at homes and one in an ‘other communal’ setting.

There have been eight more ‘occurrences’ of CoViD-19 related deaths in Worcestershire, than deaths registered – with the occurrences total at 526.

These are 135 in Bromsgrove, 115 in Wyre Forest, 107 in Wychavon, 61 in Worcester, 59 in Redditch and 49 in Malvern Hills.

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