As we come to the end of June there are good signs that life is getting easier in some respects, but there is a long way to go!

Foodbank re-starts operating from Catshill Baptist Church from 1 July but everyone needs to phone in for an appointment so that we can all keep safe.We have so many people to thank for all the continued support and some we haven’t mentioned before include, Blackwell Lockdown Festival, Aston Fields Middle School – staff, Josh & Alfie from the Oakhalls, some of our own Wed @ 2 Ladies – and numerous individuals who have all been so generous.

This is what all the donations mean to those we have been able to help,

“Getting foodbank has been a big help, receiving items that are generally hard to get. Foodbank has also helped providing food whilst Schools are closed for most”

“It has meant the world to me; it has meant being a lot safer because of not having to risk going out. I don’t know where I would be without you”

“I suffer with anxiety and depression. I’ve found it very difficult, in fact my mental health is the worst it’s ever been, having the food parcel has taken a lot of worry off my shoulders made me feel a little safer for my children.”

The work of Foodbank is by no means over – please keep supporting us as we support others.

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