THE number of new deaths from coronavirus-related conditions in Bromsgrove has followed the national trend by dropping for the first time in several weeks.

However, the district remains the worst-hit in Worcestershire by the killer disease, with Bromsgrove’s death toll rising to 80 overall, including 53 in hospitals and 24 in care homes.

The newest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), released on Tuesday (May 5), show that 15 Bromsgrove residents died with Covid-19 during the week ending April 24.

Seven of those deaths occurred in hospital, seven in care homes and one at a location classed as an ‘other communal establishment’.

In the previous week, ending April 17, there had been 23 Covid-19 related deaths in Bromsgrove, meaning the number of new deaths has dropped for the first time since the pandemic took hold.

The 80 coronavirus-related deaths suffered by Bromsgrove is the highest in Worcestershire, with Wychavon (69) and Wyre Forest (64) also hard hit.

Deaths where Covid-19 has been a contributory factor are fewer in Malvern Hills (34), Redditch (34) and Worcester (32).

The ONS has also released new data that shows almost twice as many Bromsgrove men have died with coronavirus than women.

Using data from March 1 to April 17, the statistics reveal Bromsgrove’s death rate has been more than double neighbouring areas such as Worcester and Malvern Hills.

During that period, when the pandemic was believed to be at its peak, Bromsgrove suffered more than a quarter of all Covid-19 related deaths across the county – 55 deaths out of a total of 201.

Of those 55 deaths, almost two-thirds (35) were males, again reflecting a national trend that indicates men are more likely to die with the disease, while 20 Bromsgrove women also died.

By comparison, Bromsgrove’s 55 deaths during that period was a higher total than major towns and cities such as Bath (27), Brighton (46), Cambridge (21), 0xford (43), Plymouth (26) and Stoke (49).

Unlike government-issued figures, which only include hospital deaths, the ONS data tracks Covid deaths in all establishments, including care homes, to give a truer reflection of the total.

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