This page gives you access to the Policies of Catshill & North Marlbrook Parish Council. Just click the policies in the table to read them.

This page also allows you to request work to be done by the Parish Lengthsman and Litter Picker (see below).

Balances & Reserves
Complaints Procedure
Data Protection
Dignity at Work Member-Officer Protocol
Disciplinary Procedure
Financial  Regulations
Freedom of Information
Health & Safety
Internet & Email Acceptable Use
Members Code of Conduct
Press & Media
Standing Orders

You can submit requests* for work to be carried out by the Lengthsman and suggest areas to be litter picked by the Parish funder Litter-picker via email by clicking here:

Lengthsman Request

Litter Picker Request

Alternatively phone the Clerk on 07813 671899 on Mondays or Thursdays between 10am and 12 mid-day.









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The Lengthsman can undertake certain work within the parish, such as maintaining roadside verges and drainage etc. This work may also be expanded to include other small-scale maintenance. The contract holder has appropriate training on the hazards of working in the highway and standards of work to be achieved. 

The Parish funded Litter-picker picks litter found in areas that are not covered by the District Council funded litter picker. Together they ensure that our parish is clean and tidy.

Other useful local information can be found on the Local Information page.

* Note that although all requests received will be considered, the Parish Clerk has to ensure that the work requested falls within the remit of either the Lengthsman or Litter-picker. Therefore it may not be possible for all requests to be carried out.

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