Catshill and North Marlbrook Neighbourhood Plan Important Information

Please look out for a small white envelope being delivered to each household in Catshill and North Marlbrook with just the property address on the front. Please do not discard this as it is not junk mail!  You can identify it by the Parish Council address in the top left hand corner.

Catshill and North Marlbrook Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have been working extremely hard to create a plan that is reflective of the views of the Parish. The questionnaire that is in the envelope mentioned above is the phase 2 questionnaire which has been developed from responses already received.

The Plan has many uses, but included in this is influence on development. Although we cannot refuse outright plans for housing development, we can, through the Neighbourhood Plan, influence where and what type of housing is built in order to meet the housing targets laid down in Bromsgrove Council’s approved Local Plan. This allows us to have a say in development rather than it being imposed upon us.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a document that is very important for safeguarding our semi-rural community and will allow us to guide change in an acceptable way within the Parish. However, the group cannot create an effective plan alone. Please could we ask that you take some time to complete the questionnaire and return it to us in the envelope provided. Make your views count!

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